Saturday, November 12, 2011

Shutterfly Cards, Calendars & Other Photo Gifts!

Faith Hope Family Religious Christmas Card
Custom Christmas cards are always available at
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Any of you who have tried out Shutterfly before KNOW just how
awesome their products are. I recently had the opportunity to host
a party thanks to Shutterfly and House Party! Not only does
Shutterfly offer great-quality produts, but they have some amazing deals as well. I make all of my Christmas cards on Shutterfly's site and they are always a big hit! They offer cards for all different seasons, holidays, occasions...there are religious cards, plain cards, and pretty much every type of card available. Shutterfly also offers some other neat photo products. I myself have ordered 26 books and counting, aprons, magnets, coasters, jewelry boxes, pen holders, ornaments and so much more, and because of all of their awesome deals I hardly pay anything! Other photo companies are good, but the quality never really compares to that of Shutterfly. If you are not already signed up for Shutterfly, go sign up now and receive free prints just for signing up! Then go check here for how to get more great deals from Shutterfly. If/once you have tried Shutterfly, please leave your review below in the comments!

Disclaimer: This opportunity was provided to me by Shutterfly and House Party, and I received free product codes for myself and those who attended my house party! These views are my own and were not at all influenced by the parties who gave me this opportunity.

If you would like to learn more about hosting opportunities like this, go to and and sign up today! (This party was hosted on November 12, 2011.)

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  1. What can I say about Shutterfly except that they are the BEST online photo service EVER! Their products and customer service are second to none! Shutterfly allows you to combine offers and because they send soo many free codes throughout the year that you save a ton of money on gifts especially at Xmas! I myself have spent hours and hours making photobooks almost every month I bought one! I love the final product and what's great is if there was a problem with the book they would replace it no question! Their cards are lovely, I've done a few and people always love receiving them! Thank you again Alyssa for inviting me to your party I had a virtual great time! <3 Shutterfly!