Sunday, April 1, 2012

(And Video!!) Purex Cookie Scented Detergent Review

I recently had the opportunity to sample the new Purex Cookie Scented detergent and I LOVED it! As with all Purex products, it cleans very well and leaves whites whiter and gets out those tough stains! I was doubtful at first, but after I tried this new product I knew what I'd be buying from now on! This scent is good enough to eat (which you will see in the video that my husband tried to...haha. I do not recommend that by the way.) I'm allergic to so many detergents because of the added scents so I usually need to use the free and clear versions, but the Purex Cookie Scented detergent did not bother my allergies at all! Now our clothes will smell AMAZING! I love the smell of fresh baked cookies and this has it! I found myself sticking my towels in the oven at a very low temp for a few minutes to heat them up and spread the aroma of fresh baked cookies around the house. If you ever need to show your house or have guests over while you're doing laundry, I totally recommend using this scent! The ONLY downside to using this product is that you will end up craving cookies and if you're like me you will find yourself needing to bake cookies every time you wash your clothes! I think I've put on a couple pounds since I've started using this, but I am so glad I found this detergent! Each bottle washes up to 66 loads and works for all machines and is high efficiency which is great! Next time you see this in the store, give it a try for yourself and you will love it too.

 Disclaimer: Please do not put your towels in the oven.

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