Tuesday, May 8, 2012

SeaSnax Review

When you think of seaweed, what do you think of? Well, I think of an absolutely delicious snack! I recently had the opportunity to sample SeaSnax dries seaweed snacks. I LOVED them! I have always been a huge fan of seaweed snacks, but I absolutely love to try new brands and flavors to see what I think and I have to say, I can't get enough SeaSnax! SeaSnax dried seaweed snacks come in four delicious flavors: Classic (olive oil & sea salt,) Wasabi, Spicy Chipotle and Toasty Onion. I had the privelege of trying each of the flavors. The Classic flavor is perfect and just how a classic flavor should be. It is neither too fishy nor too plain and has just the right balance of seasoning and a perfectly crunchy texture. The Wasabi was amazing and boy did it kick! If you are looking for a spicy snack, this is a great one! At some points, the flavor was a bit overwhelming, but that's to me what made it perfect. There wasn't enough spice to clear out your sinusues but there was plenty to make your tastebuds dance! I would not, however, recommend giving this one to young kids as they may get a tummy ache (as funny as it may be to watch their reaction.) Toasty Onion was my third favorite as it tasted a lot like the Classic flavor. Unfortunately I was expecting much more of an onion flavor and I felt that was lacking but it still tasted very good and I could not stop eating it (even at 11 PM.) Their snacks truly are addictive! The Spicy Chipotly I'd have to say was my least favorite ONLY because I could not taste the spice or Chipotle at all. Perhaps the seasoning fell off, but I was really hoping for the kick I had with the Wasabi flavor and it never came. Nonetheless, it tasted great as the others; I was just missing that spicy, chipotle flavor. I did notice, though, that the larger packs seemed to have less flavor (because they are bigger and hold the seasoning less) than the smaller packs so I am sure the smaller packs would have given me that kick I was looking for. Now that I think of it, I only had a small pack of the Wasabi, which is probably why that of all of them had the most flavor (and now I want more haha.)

My son who is just over a year and a half old went crazy when he saw me pull out the SeaSnax! He knew what was coming! For some reason my son is just gaga over seaweed snacks and honestly, he tried these before I did and his review sounded like "mmmm" and franticly signing "please" and begging for more. I let him try each of the flavors besides the Wasabi (as it was too spicy for him) and he loved them all. I'd have to say the Toasty Onion seemed to be his favorite of all the options and he ate a full sheet of each by himself (of course, I didn't let him eat them all at once, but I am sure he would have.) I am always happy when I find a very nutritious product that my son goes nuts over and this is one of them. The snack-size packs are great for traveling and they keep him quite in his seat on long trips. My little sister also decided to try the SeaSnax and surprisingly she loved them and kept asking me for more! I think my mom was a little shocked at that one. She tried each of the flavors, even the Wasabi, and loved them all, though she could not eat much of the Wasabi kind. My step-dad also tried them and said they were good. Here is where personal preference comes in though--my mom tried the Classic as well and said that they were disgusting (she does not like seafood let alone seaweed, but I'm glad she at least tried them) and my sister's friend tried it and did not like it so much either but didn't seem to mind eating it. If, however, you are like me and love Asian-food, you will love these!

SeaSnax are the perfect healthy snack and remind me a lot of chips. I am sure there is a lot you can do with them besides snacking (toss some flakes in soup, sprinkle over rice, make fun-flavored sushi) which makes these even better! You can purchase these in either a snack pack of smaller-sized sheets or in full sheets.
Did you know that SeaSnax has given 10% of their annual net profit to charities that make the world a better place for children. How cool is that? They are a family-run business and all of their products are Vegan, gluten-free and GMO-free! SeaSnax are low-fat and low in cholesterol, packed with nutrients (check out the two sites below to learn more about the "super food" seaweed and it's powerful health benefits!) and they do not add preservatives or artificial colors or flavors. Each snack is made up of seaweed from Korea, 100% olive oil and a pinch of seasalt! Talk about guilt-free snacking!
     29 Things Seaweed Can Do For Us (from the site above)
          1. "Shiny, healthy hair" 2. "Keeps the mind sharp" 3. "Makes skin clear, young-looking" 4. "Preserves good eyesight" 5. "Improves gum health" 6. "Strengthens teeth" 7. "Maintains healthy thyroid function" 8. "Helps ease colds and other respiratory problems" 9. "Prevents allergies and infections" 10. "Strengthens the immune system" (see website for the other 19.)
     This site above also includes a free shipping code so check it out!

Be sure to head over to www.seasnax.com for more information and to order some SeaSnax for yourself! Also, take a moment to like their page on Facebook and follow them on Twitter!

Disclaimer: I received a free product to test for my review! These views are my own and were not at all influenced by the party who gave me this opportunity.

Congrats to Gracie Ann! And thanks for your review Gracie! Check out her review here.

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  1. I would love to try them all!! But I think the classic would be my first choice. Thanks!! Lori at icalledonjesus@aol.com.

  2. I would like to try the classic!

  3. I would like to try the wasabi one. I love wasabi anything.

  4. I would like to try the toasted onion...

  5. I received an email from Dealy Os indicating the winner of their SeaSnax Giveaway never claimed their prize and I was their runner-up!

    My first thought? Their loss!

    I decided to try the Wasabi flavor since that was the favorite flavor of the hostess-with-the mostest of the contest.

    I was SHOCKED when my package arrived. I expected a little bag of SeaSnax to arrive...it was a whole case! 12 packages of Grab-N-Go Wasabi flavored SeaSnax.

    I had never heard of SeaSnax before but I wanted to try them after reading the stellar review given by Dealy Os. The first thing I do with anything I buy anymore (grocery wise of course) is check for the calorie content. I have worked hard and diligently on losing (and keeping off) 17 pounds since my ex-husband decided to play house elsewhere (TMI? Nah, I'm over it.)

    17 calories??? For the whole package??? WHAT!!! Hello!

    I opened up the first package and was a little taken aback by the texture of the Snax. They are similar to flimsy pieces of paper, in the ugliest green color you can imagine..the color of, um, seaweed! It was a little intimidating at first, I'll be honest. And then I remembered, these ARE seaweed snacks!

    So I popped one in my mouth. WHOA. Loads of flavor. Spicy flavor. Different. Unique. LOW IN CALORIES. I decided to share my fortune and passed them around to my mom, sister and friends. They all agreed....EXCELLENT snack.

    I only wished one thing....that the 12 pack came in the different flavors (classic, toasty onion, spicy chipotle) because while the Wasabi is loaded with flavor, I couldn't eat more than one in one sitting because, well, Wasabi is naturally spicy. Since I live in Indiana and SeaSnax aren't sold here, I will have to wait until they expand here to taste the other flavors but I promise you, you won't be disappointed. In fact, I'm looking forward to using my SeaSnax creatively - using them in dishes (crumbled on a salad? top one with a sushi roll? crumble some in a stir-fry? the possibilities are endless!)...

    Kudos to SeaSnax for creating a healthy snack loaded with flavor. NOW COME ON OVER TO INDIANA SO I CAN TRY THE OTHER FLAVORS!

    And a special thanks to Dealy Os for the opportunity to TRY SOMETHING NEW AND UNIQUE!

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