Friday, November 16, 2012

Green Mountain Fair Trade Coffee Review


Bzzagent recently allowed me to sample some of the Green Mountain Fair Trade Certified K-cups. I was given four different flavors--Extra Bold Sumatran Reserve, Wild Mountain Blueberry, Vermont Country Blend and Colombian Fair Trade Select.

First is the Worst
You all know that my reviews are honest, so I have to admit that one flavor was not to my liking. I have a very diversified palate when it comes to coffee, but the Extra Bold Sumatran Reserve just did not have it for me. Perhaps my Keurig was just having issues and brewed it TOO bold, but this was bold to the point of bitter. I drink black coffee, but this I had to dump out. Even cream and sugar did not help. I may just not be the ideal person for so much boldness, so if you like your coffee REALLY strong, this one may be for you.
                                                                                    Second is the Best
My very, very favorite of all my coffee selections was the Wild Mountain Blueberry. I do not typically find myself drawn to the more exotic coffee flavors for an everyday choice (though I do enjoy drinking them) but the Wild Mountain Blueberry was AMAZING! It had such a sweet aroma that put a smile on my face and had a delightful fresh blueberry taste! Usually when I try fruity-flavored coffees it is difficult to taste the fruit, but not with this one! There was a slight tang and the texture was so smooth. Delightful and amazing pretty much sum it up! No cream or sugar was needed!

Third Quenches Thirst
The Vermont Country Blend was a very nice brew and I enjoyed it, even black. While bold, the Vermont Country Blend was actually pretty good and had some delightful nutty and earthy undertones. The aroma was amazing and rich and the texture was buttery which felt neat in my mouth. I did not need to use any cream or sugar in this one and it was very satisfying.

Fourth Passed the Test
Lastly, I tried the Colombian Fair Trade Select. Both a little bit bold, and a bit earthy, this variety tasted and smelled just like typical coffee. Different varieties will give you different scents and different tastes, but when you think of the basic, or most common, coffee varieties, this is the one that pops up and it tasted just like it should. I did try it black first to taste it au naturel to truly know what it tasted like, but it was a bit too bold for me at the time so after my first tastes I added some milk and sugar and the coffee was delicious after that. I try not to add cream and sugar when it is not necessary, but I felt it was with this and it was a good choice on my part because it turned out to be some great coffee.

So What Does it Mean to be Fair Trade Certified?
Fair Trade Certified means that the coffee bean farmers are treated fairly. Many companies will not pay coffee farmers a fair, honest price for their beans which leaves many of the farmers living in poverty and other poor conditions. Fair Trade makes sure coffee farmers are taken care of and treated as they should be to keep them from poverty and dangerous working conditions. Fair Trade is a non-profit organization that works with companies like Green Mountain Coffee to certifiy and provide coffees that are not only good for drinking, but good for doing good!

Want to Try For Yourself?
You can find Fair Trade Certified K-cups in most any grocery store and several drug stores as well as home stores and online! Use the code "PASSIT-ON" at to save $2 on your online order*! Don't forget to check out Green Mountain Coffee on Facebook!

*This offer expires 11:59pm EST on 1/31/13 and is only good on Green Mountain Fair Trade Certified varieties.

Disclaimer: I am a BzzAgent and received a free product for my review! These views are my own and were not at all influenced by the party who gave me this opportunity.

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