Saturday, April 6, 2013 Review & Giveaway

FamilyStickers.comI am sure you see cars everywhere with stickers on the back window to show their family. I have been a lot more lately and have always thought they were adorable. Because of this, I thought family stickers would be a great way to announce that we have another little one on the way! has allowed me to review some and I am in love!

The car window stickers are pretty much completely customizable. You can choose from white stick figures to full-color figures! I love classic so I personally chose the white stick figures, but if you go with the colored ones you are able to choose the skin color, hair color, shirt color, pants color, shoe color and even the color of whatever accessory your family member has! With any of the family car stickers you are able to choose the gender, the height, the head and the body and you are even able to add text! I chose to show that my husband is in the military, I am pregnant, my son thinks he's Superman and our cat loves shirts AND in place of the family name we put the announcement "We're Expecting!" You can use this just to show off the personality of your family, use basic characters to show off the size of your family, or do what we did and make an announcement whether you just graduated, you got engaged or married, you got a new pet, a new job...the list goes on! If you want, you can even make your family look like a bunch of monkeys, zombies or vampires! There are even different car sticker options beyond stick figures or color--you can create "Chrome" stickers, large or small size stickers, family accessories stickers, Peeking Family stickers, just faces or full-on scenes!

But wait, there's more! does not JUST have car stickers. This site also has everything from wall stickers to mugs to stationery to ornaments! You can also get car stickers that are not of your family but are "in memory of" or words or ribbons! Check it out for yourself!
Applying the family car stickers is really easy. They send great, detailed instructions with your order; simply follow those and you are set! Since we didn't have the squeegee, we used the edge of a gift card. Now, I did do a preggo-brain move and did not stick the sheet down 100% flat to start with, but how the stickers are made, we were able to work around that and my husband just took a blade to the creased spots to relieve them so they could be smoothed out flat and the stickers were unaffected. There are great how-to-apply videos on the website if you are having troubles. You are able to remove stickers in the future if you choose to (in our case I will eventually take my pregnant belly off and add myself normal size and add a baby) but stickers are not reusable after. Do not worry though! If you need to replace a sticker, you can just order one person to replace the one that needs replacing rather than the whole family if the rest are ok because the stickers are individual which is pretty neat!

Are you going to order some products? If you do, especially if you choose to use them to make an announcement, please share on my Facebook wall! You can follow on Facebook to learn about new products and deals. If you order, be sure to send a photo of your car with the stickers for a chance to win $100! Winner selected by number of votes and the contest ends April 30, 2013.

Want to see the other ways I announced that we are expecting? Check out my brand new, still-in-the-works blog Arts & Crackers for announcement ideas like this, crafts, recipes and much more!

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Disclaimer: I received a free product for my review! These views are my own and were not at all influenced by the party who gave me this opportunity.


  1. Although I would never use them, I think the zombie family stickers are hilarious!!

  2. I would love it if they had karate family stickers!!

  3. Zombie Family Stickers and I would definitely use them!!

  4. Haha haha! The zombie family is great. This site has super cute stuff.