Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sound Beginnings Review and Giveaway

I am sure that you have heard that it is beneficial to play music to Baby when he or she is in the womb. Good music can stimulate the baby's brain as it forms. I found a neat and innovative product that allows you to safely play music and more to your baby. It's called Sound Beginnings.

Babies begin hearing around 20 weeks and begin to remember sounds around the beginning of the third trimester. It is suggested that you begin using Sound Beginnings around week 24. According to studies, babies can retain these memories for up to 12 weeks after birth. Sound Delivery has even been used to turn breech babies.

Sound Beginnings connects to any MP3 player and has a splitter that allows you to plug in some headphones and listen on in with Baby while keeping the sounds to the safest volume for your precious peanut. My MP3 player did not fit the splitter quite right as mine has a little plastic knob directly next to where you plug it in, but the splitter should work on most devices. Because Sound Beginnings connects to your MP3 player, you are able to download your own audio files to choose which music you would like your little one to listen to. They also have a program called Sound Delivery that allows you and loved ones to record messages securely over the phone and you will be given an MP3 file of that recording to add to your player! Each Sound Beginnings comes with five free minutes of Sound Delivery recording.

The Sound Beginnings pre-natal sound delivery device runs in size B (pre-pregnancy pants size 2, 4, 6,) size C (pre-pregnancy pants size 8, 10, 12) and size D (pre-pregnancy pants size 14, 16, 18) plus they are working on more sizes. The fabric is a combination of 86% nylon and 14% lycra and is very comfortable, light and stretchy. This is great if you go for walks. The product is machine washable and there are no batteries required, just your MP3 player! Sound Beginnings also comes in three colors: white, black, and nude. Currently Sound Delivery offers English recording, however, they are working on a Spanish line as well.

We have been using the Sound Beginnings device's Sound Delivery system to record and play my deployed husband's voice to our baby. Since my husband will be way from now until well after our little boy is born, this is a great way to familiarize our baby with his daddy's voice so that my husband will not be a totally stranger to his son when he returns home. I love so much that he is able to call in from wherever he is and record the message and that I am able to listen in on it to hear his voice as well. This is one of the most special opportunities we could have right now as a military family. Besides this, we are also far from family so they are able to call in and record messages as well! Sound Delivery even has a registry where you can request minutes and your family and friends can buy you talk time! This is one of my most highly-recommended products whether you are a military family, live far from a close relative or just want your baby to begin enjoying sounds early.

Sound Beginnings seeks to reach out to military families through donating to non-profit organizations like Operation Shower and hopes to get one to every military family. I love this idea and I love this company! As a military spouse expecting while my husband is deployed and family is distant, this is one of the greatest innovations ever. Check them out!

Sound Beginnings is $50 on their website. You can always watch for deals online as well! They offer a 1 year limited warranty and a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee for 30 days after your order date. You are able to purchase Sound Delivery minutes starting at $2.50 for 5 minutes.

You can purchase Sound Beginnings on their website or at any of these retailers.

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Disclaimer: I received a free product for my review! These views are my own and were not at all influenced by the party who gave me this opportunity.   


  1. This is so awesome! ive never heard of this before! I would have my hubbys voice playing through out the day while he is at work.. this is so special. <3 I love it!
    -Candace A

  2. This is awesome! I would give this to my sister who is pregnant right now ;)

    Sarah Muennix

  3. It's great for long distance family too.

  4. Our family is spread out all over the country and it would be neat to have them be able to record a message for our baby girl so she can hear it. :)
    Kristin R.

  5. It's a great idea for long distance family!