Friday, July 19, 2013

Premama Essentials Review

I have done a review before for my favorite prenatal vitamin brand, Premama, and they just recently came out with a brand new product, Premama Essentials for pregnant or lactating moms! Premama really hit the nail on the head when they came up with a vitamin that you can drink and not taste as opposed to a horse pill that tastes like the smell of my hamster's food. With my first, I did not get much nausea, but when I did it was after taking my giant, smelly prenatals. I have not had any nausea since taking Premama!

Premama Essentials has an advanced "Quatrefolic" folate form which is an new form of folate (folic acid) that absorbs more easily. Folic acid/folate is important to Baby's brain development during pregnancy. This prenatal formula also contains Ferrochel iron which helps with the ever-so-irritating prenatal constipation, Vitamin B6 to prevent nausea, and Vitamin B12 to provide energy and better metabolism. Premama does not have gluten, eggs, fish, nuts, shellfish, sulfites, tree nuts or wheat and is 100% vegetarion and GMO free with no artificial coloring or additives! Below are the Supplement Facts showing how much of which vitamins and minerals are in Premama Essentials:

Personally, I love the new Premama Essentials even more than I did the original Premama prenatal vitamin mix. Why? Because it is easier to use! The packets are a taste-free once-a-day packet (though I did like the option on the original vitamins to split it into two servings, though often I would forget to take the second half.) They have a "tear here" on them so you can open the packets on the go without a pair of scissors, something that would have worked great on our vacation! The new powder is even finer than the original mix too and blends very quickly and very well into the drink you put it in. I still enjoy putting the supplement into my orange or grapefruit juice, but I have also thrown together smoothies with it and they tasted great and I couldn't even tell there were vitamins in it! I do suggest, however, that you do drink your drink fairly quickly after adding the prenatal supplement as letting your drink sit too long can cause the power to settle to the bottom and even stirring it after this long you will still have a changed texture. I did this one time where I forgot about my drink and went back to it and I learned my lesson! Used properly, you will not have this issue at all and will not even be able to tell that you have added so many essential vitamins and minerals to your drink or soft food.

Premama also has Premama Plus which is an orange-flavored variety with Omega 3s, CoQ10 and Choline. While I did not test this one, if you enjoy orange-flavored drinks I am sure this one is great as well. I could picture putting it in my regular orange juice, a pineapple-mango smoothie, with a vanilla milkshake and more! Need different vitamins and minerals in your diet? Check out my Premama [original] Prenatal Vitamins review and compare the Supplement Facts. While you may be tempted to use both varieties to get all of the nutrients you can, do not mix these supplements as an excess of certain vitamins or minerals can be toxic. Prenatal vitamins are meant to be used individually, not with other prenatal multivitamins.

Premama Essentials and Premama Plus are coming soon as well as a revamped Premama website. You can pre-order on here.

Disclaimer: I received a free product for my review! These views are my own and were not at all influenced by the party who gave me this opportunity.

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