Thursday, July 19, 2012

Food Should Taste Good Review

Have you heard of Food Should Taste Good chips? I had seen them before but I had not tried them and really knew nothing about them until I did this review! Food Should Taste Good is a brand that produces natural, healthy chips free of GMOs, cholesterol, preservatives and trans fat. They are made with wholesome ingredients, the kinds you can pronounce. Food Should Taste Good chips are also gluten-free, kosher, and a great source of fiber! Many of these chips are multigrain chips which means they are very healthy. In fact, many companies are now pushing the importance of getting wholesome grains and Food Should Taste Good does a great job at keeping their chips healthy AND tasting good!
Food Should Taste Good offers many different flavor varieties. Below is a list of the flavors offered:
-Multigrain     -Sweet Potato     -Olive     -Jalapeno     -Lime     -Cantina     -The Works!
-Chocolate    -Blue Corn     -Cheddar    -White Cheddar     -Toasted Sesame     -Hemp
-Jalapeno with Cheddar     -Kettlecorn     -Original Sweet Potato
-Barbeque Sweet Potato     -Salt & Pepper Sweet Potato     -Salt & Vinegar Sweet Potato

Food Should Taste Good chips were a great addition to our grill out! The Blue Corn chips paired perfectly with the Wholly Guacamole Salsa, they Multigrain Chips were great with the Wholly Guacamole guac and the Barbeque Sweet Potato chips were great all by themselves! My personal favorite is the Blue Corn because I have always loved blue corn chips; they are tasty by themselves and you can pair the with almost anything, plus they look pretty! I didn't mind the Barbeque Sweet Potato chips, much to my surprise, as I am not the biggest fan of sweet potatoes that aren't drowned in butter, cinnamon and sugar. They weren't the greatest, but I would still eat them. My son couldn't get enough! Sweet Potato is one of those flavors you either love or hate. If you hate sweet potatoes to start with, you probably won't like this kind. I was not, honestly, a fan of the Cheddar variety, however. I cannot put my finger on why, but they had a sort of funny after taste to me but everyone else loved them. I loved that all the chips were very crunchy and even a little bit stale they still tasted pretty good! Some did say, though, that the Sweet Potato line had a funny texture (Sweet Potato ends up much chewier than regular potato chips.) I love that they are healthy for me and have a unique flavor compared to other chips and the seasoning was just right. These are definitely a chip that I would purchase for my family. I am excited to try out more of the flavors! We tried a few more than mentioned, but the ones that I described were the ones that went over the best at our party. I really want to try the Chocolate and had some but they are in a different state right now so once I try those I will let you know what I think! Since some of my chips did end up in a different state (and Food Should Taste Good was so generous as to resend them to my new address) I let my mom bring them to a family get-together in exchange for more opinions! Here are some of the things my party guests and my family said about Food Should Taste Good chips:

-"Personally not a fan of multigrain"
-"BBQ wasn't the greatest. Blue Corn and Cheddar were delicious"
-"Very healthy. BBQ weren't the greatest"
-"Creative. Nothing like Lays. Much more original"
-"Jalapeno were pretty good" (one said this kind tasted like cardboard)
-"I even liked the Kettle ones and I can't stand kettle corn"
-"Kettle and Blue Corn were enjoyed by all"
-"Sweet Potato was take it or leave it, nothing impressive"
-"BBQ Sweet Potato no one really cared for"
-"Sweet Potato Salt & Vinegar-not bad but a little sweet"
-"Sweet Potato Original most didn't care for but those who did loved them"
-"Multigrain Cheddar-loved, loved, loved!"

You can purchase Food Should Taste Good chips online or in stores. Go here to find a store near you. Check out Food Should Taste Good on Facebook then go onto their website, join the club, and get a $1 off coupon!

Disclaimer: I received a free product to test for my review! These views are my own and were not at all influenced by the party who gave me this opportunity.


  1. I love blue corn chips, but I've never tried these. I'll have to look for them the next time I'm out!

  2. The Chocolate variety is absolutely incredible!