Thursday, July 19, 2012

Wholly Guacamole/Salsa Review

Wholly Guacamole sent me a bunch of guacamole and salsa to review and I have to say, it is sooo good! I never used to like guacamole, but something recently made me love it and I've been wanting it on everything and Wholly Guacamole is my all-time favorite guacamole brand! For those of you who may not know, guacamole is sort of like a salsa made with avocados rather than tomatoes! It can be spicy or mild and it tastes good on most everything! Wholly Guacamole salsa is better than other brand in that it is kosher, gluten free, fat free, all natural with no preservatives or additives) and you can freeze it for up to three months!! That is, if you can manage to not eat it for that long! Wholly Guacamole also has a line of salsa called Wholly Salsa and it is pretty good! They have a lot of flavors to choose from and they also are just as healthy as the guacamole! Wholly Guacamole, however, says do not freeze the salsa, just the guacamole.
Wholly Guacamole comes in several varieties: Regular and Spicy Guacamole in containers and snack packs, and Avocado Verde, Classic Mild, Guacamole and Spicy Pico, Roasted Tomato, Classic Medium, Classic Hot, Red Pepper Mango, and Pineapple Salsa.
The Avocado Verde went over by far the best at our BBQ and there was almost nothing left! Classic Mild Salsa also went over well, but I would have preferred the Medium or Hot because the Mild was not spicy at all to me. I did notice that the salsa seemed a bit liquidy, but that was probably because it was sitting out on the table. The Wholly Guacamole Avocado Verde and the guacamole were perfectly textured though. They were smooth but chunky and had great flavor.
I tried my guacamole on a sandwich! You can see my recipe below. The guacamole and salsa also went great with the Food Should Taste Good chips! Since we just recently moved, I haven't been able to mess around with more recipes with this salsa and guacamole, but there is so much that you could make with them and their flavor and texture is great for almost any dish you could think of! Personally, I'm tempted to try to come up with a dessert using the guacamole. Yum! If I come up with anything tasty I will let you know!
Here are some of the reviews from the guests at our grill-out:
-"Perfect spiciness; great product"
-"Avocado Verde, changed my LIFE! Where can I get a Big Box? I love it. I couldn't stop eating it"
-"The salsa is almost as good as my mom's!"
-"[Salsa] was very flavorful and healthy"

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Tasty Turkey Sandwich

Rudi's Whole Wheat Flatz
Deli turkey
Provolone cheese
Slice of tomato
Lots of Wholly Guacamole guac
Drizzle of olive oil
Dash of black pepper

Disclaimer: I received a free product to test for my review! These views are my own and were not at all influenced by the party who gave me this opportunity.


  1. That sammich looks delicious!! I loooooooove guac! Never had it on a sandwich.

  2. I love this brand of guacamole. For some reason, my hubby and I can't seem to make guacamole from scratch very well :( so when we want chips and guac, we always pick up this brand. I like the classic, but my hubby likes the spicy!