Thursday, July 19, 2012

SodaStream Review

I had the wonderful opportunity of trying out the SodaStream, a machine to make your own soda at home! I personally try not to drink too much soda, but my husband drinks quite a bit so this was fun for him to try out! The SodaStream is a stand-alone soda maker meaning you don't have any plugs to plug in and it doesn't use electricity or batteries which saves you money! This product's goal is to eliminate plastic waste for a cleaner earth while providing its customers with several different beverage flavors! You have the Sparkling Naturals line which is a healthier alternative to your average soda syrups, your diet and regular varieties which have flavors like Orange Mango, Cola, Cream Soda and Grapefruit, and your MyWater drops which are basically a flavor essence that you would put into soda water for a hint of lemon lime, orange, etc.

A SodaStream consists of four different items: the actual SodaStream device, the CO2 carbonator, the carbonator bottles, and the flavor syrups/essence. SodaStream offers a few different soda maker styles for different looks to fit your home and different uses/levels. These machines include the Fountain Jet (pictured here,) Genesis, Dynamo Deluxe, Pure, Fizz, Crystal and Penguin. These generally run from $79.99 and up and can be purchased at retailers such as Walmart, Target, Bed, Bath & Beyond and online on the SodaStream website and many more locations. See here for a location near you. You can also find the flavor syrups at these locations. I love their huge selection of syrups because they really try to cater to everyone. They have energy drinks, Country Time lemonade, tea, diet everyday and unique soda flavors and the same in the regular mixes and of course the Naturals and Essence! You can see a full list of flavors on their website. These retail around $6.99 and up. If you choose to purchase your syrups online, you will get a free bottle after every 9 you purchase! The bottles are specific to screw into the machine and get that signature soda fizz. They come in 1 Liter and 1/2 Liter sizes in stores and retail from $14.99 for two small bottles. These are not dishwasher safe or heat safe and care should be taken towards this end. If you choose to order online, however, they do sell bottles that are dishwasher safe as well as glass bottles!
You may be thinking, this sounds pretty expensive. In all honesty, it is, but if you find yourself purchasing soda a lot this will actually save you a ton of money and help to keep the earth clean. The SodaStream saves on packaging and waste, you don't have to purchase a whole entire pack of one flavor (if you're like me, you like different flavors depending on your mood) and many of the drink mixes are healthier than the average soda! My father-in-law drinks a lot of soda and has a soda stream and it is saving him quite a bit. He loves it! Personally, I will only purchase the syrups if they are on sale, though you have to think about the fact that those $6.99 bottles make several bottles of soda worth, soda which usually would cost you around $1.69 per container (that means you can only get about 4 bottles of soda for the price of one bottle of syrup which makes several more than 4 bottles.) I prefer to use the SodaStream machine and shoot in a few squirts of MiO Water instead of the syrups. It is healthier and tastes great!
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Here are some of the reviews my party guests left:
-"Lime water was ok but lack flavor or sweetness"
-"Very expensive for the flavor"
-"Too expensive in my view. It was okay"
-"Cool idea; sort of time consuming; hight up front costs"


I will post a how-to video once I get somewhere with faster internet; mine won't let me upload videos right now.

Disclaimer: I received a free product to test for my review! These views are my own and were not at all influenced by the party who gave me this opportunity.


  1. Im very interested to know if the Coke really tastes as good as a REAL Coke.

  2. I've wanted to try one of these for a while. My hubby and I aren't big soda drinkers, but I'd love to try it for the energy drink and the lemonades and teas.

  3. I've wanted to try one of these for quite some time; I've been curious if the Root Beer is as good as A&W.

  4. For those of you wondering, my husband and I are not fond of the cola flavors. Their cola is like drinking RC Cola when you're used to Coke. If you don't mind 'off brands' of cola, you might like it though. For the rootbeer, I found it a little too sweet. My husband didn't mind it. Nothing can compare to A&W ;) Our favorites were the fruit-flavored mixes :)