Thursday, September 13, 2012

Combat Source Kill Review/Giveaway

Where we live, there are SO many bugs it's ridiculous! I am used to being outdoors and having a lot of bugs certain times of the year, being from Wisconsin, but here they are all year-round and there are a lot of them. Every day we find new's sickening! We recently found out that there is a gap in the seal on our door and it was letting in a stream of ants...disgusting! That's when we grabbed out the Combat (perfect since we are on a military base, by the way.) We put the ant gels inside to kill the ants in the house then cleaned up the floor (to get rid of their sticky footprints that lead more ants in) and put a couple of the ant baits outside of the door on the patio to stop the aunts before they came inside. The aunt problem was eliminated right away! I was in awe! I still had to clean everything down to erase their tracks, but the Combat really did work so we now keep two little ant baits outside of our patio door at all times to make sure we don't have another ant raid inside of our house. After all, with the economy like it is, we need the food for us, not to feed the ants. They can find plenty of food outside!
The Combat Source Kill Max Ant Gel contains Fipronil which is great for killing ants fast, say, if you find a batch by your oven. This will kill the ants right at the spot, but will not eliminate the problem completely as you will still have the rest of the ants to deal with. Combat recommends that you place the Ant Gels near the trails or openings where the ants are entering such as by cabinets, doors, and cracks in the floor and walls.
The Combat Source Kill Max Ant Bait, on the other hand, will not kill the ants immediately, but will act as food to be taken back to the ant hill and fed to the rest of the ants. This allows for the problem to be dealt with at the source, killing the entire colony (including the queen,) where you may not have otherwise found the source to get rid of it. This means that the effect will be long-lasting. The Ant Bait is child-resistant so you don't have to worry about having your little ones playing in and outside of the house when these are set up--something I am thankful about as my son just discovered these outside of our door. This formula is also pretty quick-acting and will not leave any stickiness around your house. I remember growing up we couldn't find a good ant bait in containers so we would put a drop of sticky blue goo on a piece of wax paper and stick those around the house. Needless to say, sometimes we would end up stepping on them. My sister was a toddler, about the age of my son, at that time as well and we always had to watch carefully so she didn't play in it. This is just another thing that makes the Combat Source Kill Ant Gels great!
See how to combat ants in your home!

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  1. I get them in our bathroom in the middle of the house (weird) and then our sunroom

  2. In the kitchen, and usually in the bathroom

  3. I only notice them by the garage, but that may be because I only really go there.