Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Renuzit® Fresh Accents

I am so excited for the new Renuzit® Holiday Fresh Accents! Not only do they smell good, but they look good too! Renuzit® Fresh Accents come in two scents, Winter Berry and Festive Snow. Both scents smell amazing! They even come in the prettiest little metal snowflake containers! These are perfect for decorating for Christmas time and setting the Christmas mood. Personally, the scents "spoke" to me. Sometimes you can just tell which room the scent will be perfect in! When I smelled Winter Berry, all I could think of is the smell of holiday desserts. Mmmm. It just sparks your appetite! I decided that this will go perfectly in the kitchen/living room area! Winter Berry just has that comforting Christmas smell to it! On the other hand, Festive Snow was too strong smelling to put in the kitchen and I don't think the smell will mix well with the scents of any food you are preparing in the kitchen. I also did not find it fitting for our bedroom, but I do think it is perfect for the bathroom or living area! Festive Snow smells a little bit like decorative soap you would put in a bathroom, I think that is why I can see it fitting in there, but I'm not saying it smells bad! No, it smells very good! Bathrooms aren't all bad and smelly lol. I can see Festive Snow being the perfect fragrance to compliment a warm, winter-time, candlelit bath. Now, I may be in a little bit of an overly "romantic"mindset with the bath idea, but if you really need relaxation, that's the way to go! And Festive Snow is a very relaxing scent. If you like fresh-cut Christmas trees, this will be perfect in any room with a Christmas tree too, especially if Christmas tree costs this year have forced you to go with an artificial tree. Though the scent is strong, it is not over-powering, and in spite of my terrible allergies, I can handle it pretty well and I quite enjoy the aroma. You can smell these for yourself before you buy, as all packages have a "scratch-and-sniff" sticker on them! No need to go home and feel you picked the wrong scent!

There is also a "Try Me Free" rebate available for Fresh Accents, which is listed here.

Disclaimer: This opportunity was provided to me by Purex Insiders, an exclusive product review site, and I received two free products as well as some free product coupons to share for my review! These views are my own and were not at all influenced by the parties who gave me this opportunity.

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