Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Swiffer® 360° Duster

If you have ever tried a Swiffer® Duster, you know that they are awesome. When I was at college, I would use them all the time because it was easy and they actually pick up the dust instead of throwing it around the room (this is very important to me considering I, as many others, am allergic to dust.) Now that Swiffer® has come out with the Swiffer® 360° duster, I am so excited! It is just like their older dusters but better because the duster goes all the way around the wand! Now I can dust both sides of the blinds at once, dust under things without scrapping the plastic handle on it, and I don't have to hold the duster a certain way (I tend to flip it over for no reason lol.) I also like that it is disposable. Although disposable dusters like the Swiffer® 360° duster cost more, if you have bad allergies like me it is well worth the extra cost. You can simply throw away the allergen and not have to go outside and knock it out, finding yourself suffocating in a clowd of the dust you just tried to clean up. Swiffer® also leaves no dust behind which means cleaner surfaces and no having to go back and clean up after you just cleaned.

Disclaimer: This opportunity was provided to me by Vocalpoint, a product review site, and I received a free Swiffer® 360° duster and coupons to try this product and review it! These views are my own and were not at all influenced by the parties who gave me this opportunity.

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