Friday, June 21, 2013

CraftCuts Review and Giveaway sent me some of their wooden letter cut-outs to review. Since I got to choose which, I chose to try some of their different styles and woods so that you all could see more of what they have!
I chose the unpainted letters so we could choose custom colors, however, they have the option of pre-painted letters to save you time. They also have shape cut-outs like animals, transportation, maps, military and more as well as Greek letters, vinyl letters and monograms! There are also so many letter options! I chose the Baltic Birch wood letters, Connected letters, and MDF wood letters, but they also have Holiday wood letters (great for pictures!) and Wood Wall Tile Letters (they look like Scrabble pieces,) Outdoor letters, Hanging letters...the list goes on! You will have to check out for yourself!
You can completely customize your letters by choosing the height, width, color, font and wood type which is something that I absolutely love being very into design. Because you can choose exactly never has letters in stock. Instead, they custom make each just for your order! You can view shipping details here. Your order will be shipped in a large box with a lot of padding so you don't have to worry about your shipment getting ruined. The shipped letters do not come with anything to hang them, but you can order special mounting tape or spray adhesive with your order. We chose to go with some old craft mounting tape that I found in my craft box and that worked great so you can always find your favorite wall mounting tape elsewhere as well. Another option would be to attach a ribbon or wire to the back and hang your letters or nail in picture mounting brackets depending on the letter size and the number of letters you are hanging. You can even order self-standing letters if you would rather stick them on a shelf to avoid hanging them.
how you want your letters,

Baltic Birch
As I mentioned before, I chose to try a few different types of letters so you can see some of the different products they have and some different things you can do with them.

Here are the Baltic Birch wood letters we ordered. My husband simply used spray paint to paint them because it would be consistent and quicker with the amount that needed to be painted. These ones are
1/8 inch thick so they pop just a little bit off the wall and they are 3 inches high so we could fit them in the clock. These letters, how I set them up, cost $1.35 each regular price. If you would like to see a how-to for the clock, just click the picture and it will take you to my blog post on Arts & Crackers!

These are the Connected letters that I ordered to decorate the frames in our "Air Force" corner. They are 1/8 inch thick and 4 inches tall and we chose the letter connection, but you can also choose to have the letters connected at the base so it looks like they are underlined. We have this simply resting atop one of the frames, but you could always mount this, order it thicker so it stands on its own, or
mount it inside of a glass-less frame to accent it. At the height and width I chose, these letters cost $3.03 each (punctuation does count so you can always leave that out to save on cost.) My husband used spray paint for this as well, though with this one he chose a metallic blue meant for cars. Using this spray paint, he needed to use a few coats, but it made it look shiny and close to Air Force Blue.

MDF Wooden
The last type of letters that I chose were the MDF wooden letters which I thought would look best in a child's room. These are 1/4 inch thick and 6 inches tall so they really stand out. The edges were burnt wood and I thought it looked neat so we only painted the top of the letters, this way they look a bit more like letters from a comic strip. Because I was able to customize the font, I chose Comic Sans to add a little more of that comic strip look I was going for. I could have chosen my son's name in letters, however, since we are expecting another little one and do not have the gender and name yet, I chose to keep it a word that goes with the theme of the room. These letters were painted with paint specifically for woods, metals, etc and we used a small roller to keep it smoother and keep the paint just on the top. At the height and width I chose, these letters were $4.00 each regular price. If you would like to see the how-tos for how we decorated my son's room, click the picture and it will take you to my blog post on Arts & Crackers. Keep an eye out on that blog, however, as there are many different items that require a how-to so not all of the posts will be up right away. You can keep up-to-date as I post them by liking Arts & Crackers on Facebook.

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Disclaimer: I received a free product for my review! These views are my own and were not at all influenced by the party who gave me this opportunity.


  1. Definitely letters for the new babies room!

  2. LOVE the 'vroooom' in your sons room!
    After reading this post, I checked out the website for a 'quick' view and ended up spending almost an hour on the site checking everything out/working with different styles/words.
    I decided that I really really would love to have a set of my fiance, our son, our dog, and my own initials hanging in our living room on our family photo wall! Whimsical in all caps is awesome!
    Chrissy B.