Saturday, June 15, 2013

Erbaorganics Review

If you are expecting, I am sure you have looked into ways to prevent or lessen stretch marks. I know I did for my son but I could not decide so this time I decided I would go organic because it is fresher and healthier for mommy and baby. I tried Erbaorganics Mommy-to-Be Stretch Mark Cream and their amazing Mommy-to-Be Oat & Milk Bath. Now, I am all for the "stretch marks mean you've earned your stripes" or considering them body art, but that is usually an artificial way to make you feel better about your not-so-perfect after-children body so I like to do what I can to lessen the appearance. I have a few stretch marks from my first son already so I decided to do what I can this time and try not to get any more and what is so great about Erbaorganics is that it actually helps moisten your skin enough that it will stretch calmly rather than abruptly so there is a lesser chance of getting all those marks!

Before I go into the specific products that I tested, I'd like to give a quick overview of Erbaorganics. This company based in Southern California has been seeking to make pure and eco-friendly mom and baby products and the result is effective, great-smelling, USDA Organic certified products for you and your kiddos. Their products range from massage oil and foot/leg cream to diaper cream and sunscreen. They even offer travel sizes! What you do not probably realize about your typical baby care brands (those that are not organic) is that many of them carry harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde that, when rubbed onto your skin, can be soaked right into your blood stream. Even better than great, healthy products is when you have that combined with a giving spirit. Erbaorganics gives 15% of all gross sales to the WWO (Worldwide Orphans Foundation.)

The first product that I tested was the stretch mark cream which I fell in love with. It has a distinct organic smell--the soothing type that you often smell when you walk into an organics store. Simply delightful! I realize I cannot handle many strong smells with my allergies, but I have noticed that I can handle a lot more when the scents are all natural and not accompanied by chemical smells. The cream soaks in very quickly and leaves my skin feeling supple and I have not yet gotten any new stretch marks! Erbaorganics also offers an oil variety which I was unable to try but I am sure it is great and pairs well with the cream. The Erbaorganics Mommy-to-Be Stretch Mark Cream runs $19 for a 4oz bottle and has certified 85% organic ingredients.

The second product that I tried out was the oat & milk bath which I have fallen in love with. Again, it has that delicious, typical organic scent that I love so it is very relaxing and just sitting in the oat & milk filled bathtub you can feel your skin getting softer. Mommies-to-be need their relaxing time, especially if they already have children, and this is a GREAT way to achieve that. I had the best, most calming time just soaking in my oat & milk bath with the lights dimmed, some candles burning for low light and to complement the smell of the bath product, a cup of hot organic tea and uplifting music playing on my phone in the background--a great routine for after the kids are in bed. I took baths for comfort when I was pregnant with my first son and tried several different products for relaxation but nothing ever quite gave me that truly-relaxed feeling like my Erbaorganics product did. I could literally feel a peacefulness fall over me! Of course, now that I am writing this I am planning my next relaxing bath time...perhaps some father-son bonding time is in order so I can have some mommy-tub bonding time. The Erbaorganics Oat & Milk Bath runs $24 for an 18oz jar and is USDA Organics certified.

Find where to purchase Erbaorganics products here.

Disclaimer: I received a free product for my review! These views are my own and were not at all influenced by the party who gave me this opportunity.

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