Monday, June 17, 2013

Dial Coconut Water Body Wash Review

I recently had the pleasure of trying the new Dial Coconut Water body wash. It is AMAZING. How it smells, how it works--this body wash made shower time even more enjoyable! The light scent of green, floral, coconut and bamboo leaf extract makes me so happy; even my husband loved it and I found out he was sneaking my body wash instead of his. It worked out for me though, because it left me with a very wonderful-smelling husband.
Not only did the Dial Coconut Water body was smell great, but it also left my skin feeling delightfully hydrated. I have noticed that other body washes, even some of the good ones, leave my skin feeling dry. However, the Dial body wash has antioxidants and electrolytes from the young, green coconuts used in the formula to proved ultra hydrated. Because of this nourishing and hydrating property, coconut water is actually known as "super water" and has an abundance of health benefits.
I rarely find a product that I am willing to spend some money on, but I love this Dial Coconut Water body wash so much, I would be willing to! Gentle on my skin, delightful to smell, and refreshingly cleansing, I can honestly say that Dial Coconut Water body wash is now my favorite body wash of all time!

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Disclaimer: I am a Purex Insider and received a free product for my review! These views are my own and were not at all influenced by the party who gave me this opportunity.


  1. I was an avid bath and bodyworks user until I tried Dial Coconut water body wash. One shower and I'm hooked. It smells wonderful and makes my skin feel smooth and rehydrated. Thought I'd never say this but goodbye to the other brand I used. This is my all time favorite.

    1. That's wonderful to hear Denise! I love it too; it's my favorite! Have you heard about their new Coconut Water with Refreshing Mango body wash? I have a review posted on my new blog Arts & Crackers and I'm running a giveaway---TWO winners! Feel free to go enter! I've also added a fun recipe for making this body wash into bubble bath!
      PS, for some reason it's not letting me post under my blogger name Dealy Os; I guess because I changed it over to the new blog.