Monday, June 17, 2013

Purex with Crystals Review and Giveaway

Purex has a new formula of laundry detergent that already has fabric softener crystals in it! Their new formula has the same great Dirt Lift Action while giving you an extra, delicate floral scent and softer fabric.
My allergies couldn't handle the floral scent of this product as it is floral, but my husband liked it a lot and was able to use it on his ABU uniforms. He always adds fabric softener to make the stiff, itchy fabric more comfortable so he absolutely loved that he did not have to take two steps for the same results. He even got some compliments on how great he smelled! As I mentioned, it does have a floral scent, but it is not overly-flowery that it smells awkward for men, but rather a fresh and clean fabric smell. Purex with Crystals did a great job of taking out much of the dirt in my husband's grimy uniforms. Without the dirt, his uniforms feel and smell huggably cleaner.
With crystals already included in the formula at the same price as their regular bottles of detergent, you can actually save money with this! Actually, you can save over $45 per year and you know I'm all about saving.

The new Purex with Crystals formula is available at most larger Purex retailers such as Walmart, Target, Kroger and more. The only place I have not been able to find this variety yet is at the drug stores. Be sure to check out Purex on Facebook!

Enter to win a bottle for yourself below! As with all of my contests, unless otherwise stated, this is open to US residents and APOs only.

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Disclaimer: I am a Purex Insider and received a free product for my review! These views are my own and were not at all influenced by the party who gave me this opportunity.


  1. I would love to try it on my husband and daughter's karate uniforms!

  2. I would love to try it on my husbands clothes!

  3. We use it on everything! SO this would be a nice easy way to do the laundry.

  4. I would use it on our towels! Michalle R.

  5. I would try it with towels and jeans.

  6. I like a fresh scent on clean sheets.
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  7. I like to use fabric softener crystals with the bedding when I wash it